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This group of new talents in hair styling sector have formed their new concepts about salon business and have their own ideas for the brand after careful observation of the operation modes and managing methods of the business and gathering relevant information.

With a distinct concept and branding blueprint in mind, they officially lifted the curtain for the brand. In June 2008, the first high-end salon of the brand was set up in compliance with the concept conceived, followed by the founding of two branches within 5 months.

Since 2008, CHILLI has set up 6 salons within 4 years, a part of the concept of early days and is still in the initial stage of brand building. As there is a sound management mode, the establishment of branches is only a continuous duplication under a stable management. All developments were carried out as planned without hitches.

Driven by common ideas, CHILLI will set up more branches in future. In addition to high-end salons, CHILLI ventured into education sector in 2011 by setting up its own professional hair styling academy to train more elites in the sector.
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